What’s new in draft notification on Regulation of CETP?

Ministry Of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change has been released draft notification on Regulation of CETP. Effluent treatment plants need land for construction, capital cost, power and specialized manpower for their operation and maintenance. Because of these constraints, small scale tanneries can not afford to have their own effluent treatment facilities and therefore, combined effluent from all tanneries are to be brought to a centralized place for treatment. This facility is called a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP). For operation and maintenance of CETP, small scale tanners formed a co-operative society. The expenses for operation and maintenance of CETP are being shared by participating tanneries.

Advantages of CETP

  • Saving in Capital and Operating cost of treatment plant. The Common treatment is always cheaper than small scattered treatment units.
  • Availability of land which is difficult to be ensured by all individual units in the event they go for individual treatment plants.
  • Contribution of nutrient and diluting potential, making the complex industrial waste more amenable to degradation.

According to this draft notification Regulation of CETP, roles and responsibilities of agencies and authorities shall be inserted in the Environment (Protection) rules, 1986, in schedule-I. The name of agencies and authorities are listed below.

  • State Governments/SPCBs/PCCs
  • CETP operating agencies
  • Member Industries of a CETP

This rule shall be come into force after one year from the date of final publication of official gazette. For more details click on below given link.

Download Draft Notification on Regulation of CETP

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