What has changed in new Hazardous and Other Wastes Management Second Amendment Rules, 2022?

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC) has been released new Hazardous and Other Wastes Management Second Amendment Rules, 2022. Before knowing what has changed in this amended rule we will learn about Hazardous Wastes Management Rules.

Unscientific disposal of hazardous and other waste through burning or incineration leads to emission of toxic fumes comprising of Dioxins & Furans, Mercury, heavy metals, causing air pollution and associated health-related problems. Disposal in water bodies, or in municipal dumps leads to toxic releases due to leaching in land and water entailing into degradation of soil and water quality. The workers employed in such unscientific practices suffer from neurological disorders, skin diseases, genetic defects, cancer etc. Hence, there is a need for systematic management of hazardous and other waste in an environmentally sound manner by way of prevention, minimization, re-use, recycling, recovery, utilization including co-processing and safe disposal of waste.

This rules have been made to distinguish between Hazardous Waste and other wastes. Other wastes include: Waste tyre, paper waste, metal scrap, used electronic items, etc. and are recognized as a resource for recycling and reuse. These resources supplement the industrial processes and reduce the load on the virgin resource of the country.

The amended rules is made for Medical Equipment, to know what has been changed in amended rule click on below given link.

Download – New Hazardous Wastes Management Rules

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