CPCB released guidelines for utilization of treated effluent in irrigation

The Central pollution Control Board has released guidelines for utilization of treated effluent in irrigation.

  • The industry should engage an agricultural scientist or tie-up with an agricultural university or institute for advice on the utilization or the rate of application of the effluent for irrigation considering the agro-climatic conditions.
  • As seasons and the sowing periods of the crops put restrictions on the utilization of effluent for irrigation, the industry should prepare a comprehensive Irrigation Management Plan (IMP).
  • The treated effluent should meet the norms prescribed for irrigation under Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986/Consent. The effluent should also conform to Total Dissolved Solid (TDS)- 2100 mg/l and Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR)- preferably less than 18 but not more than 26, depending on soil/crop type, besides meeting any other parameters suggested by agricultural scientist or agricultural university/institute in the IMP.
  • Meeting the prescribed norms shall not be the only criteria for use of treated waste water in irrigation, the requirement of water for irrigation will also be a limiting condition and this depends upon various factors like Crop, Climate, Irrigation type, Soil condition, Soil permeability, Total Salt Concentration, etc.
  • The command area for effluent utilization should be as near as feasible to the industry in order to facilitate easy monitoring and effective control. The industry should construct a distribution network of impervious conduits to cover the irrigated area.
  • The industry should construct impervious lined storage tank of minimum 15 days capacity for storage of treated effluent during low/no demand, based on the Irrigation Management Plan.
  • For more details about guideline, click on below given link.

Download – Guidelines for Utilization of Treated Effluent in Irrigation

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