PESO notice regarding withdrawal of Indian representatives/distributors for import

Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) has released a notification regarding the withdrawal of Indian representatives/distributors for importing of gas cylinders/ valves/ regulators from foreign manufacturers.

According to the guidelines outlined in Rule 3 of the Gas Cylinder Rules 2016, PESO has accepted the design drawings for gas cylinders produced by international gas cylinder producers. When applying for clearance, international producers must submit all the required documentation along with the name of the Indian distributor they have designated to import their cylinders from the country of origin and market them in India. The manufacturer’s recommended distributor’s name is noted to track the movement of imported cylinders in India and to establish accountability and traceability in the event of an unfortunate incident. The foreign cylinder manufacturer alone is responsible for choosing, identifying, and appointing the Indian distributor; PESO is in no way involved in this process. The same process is used to record a second distributor that the foreign cylinder manufacturer has recommended. Recent allegations made by an Indian distributor that PESO did not have his permission before recording the second distributor name used by the foreign producer were brought to the attention of higher dignitaries/authorities.

Based on the aforesaid a Show Cause within thirty days has been requested from June 07, 2023, as to why appropriate action, as deemed fit, should not be initiated against the persons/firms/companies who are creating conflict.

The list of approval granted to foreign manufacturers for the production of cylinders/valves by PESO is listed in the notice.

Download – PESO notice regarding withdrawal of Indian representatives/distributors for import

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