Battery Management Rules 2022

Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC) has released Battery Management Rules 2022 on 22nd August 2022. The battery management rules 2022 is released to bring clarity about used batteries and waste batteries. The definition of bulk-consumer is deleted and all end users are considered as consumers. The legal obligation for the consumer is now made easier because a half-yearly return is now NOT required to submit by the consumer. The definition of used battery and the waste battery is defined to bring clarity. Our team has completed the study and prepared a comparison of older and newer rules in the context of users of batteries. You may download it from the below link.

According to new provision, all batteries including lead acid, lithium, cadmium and others of whatever size, whatever volume, whatever shape are included in the provision of Battery Management Rules 2022.

The definition of “Bulk Consumer” and “Consumer” are merged as the end user of the battery of any type. The half-yearly return is now NOT required to submit by the consumer to SPCB according to the new legal provisions.

Download – Comparison of battery rules 2001 & 2022 and know what has changed


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