Updated ash usage rules for government construction work

The ash usage rules have some changes. They’re about how coal or lignite-based power plants deal with their leftover ash. Here’s a Updated ash usage rules for government construction work – simpler breakdown:

  1. Using Ash:
    • Power plants must inform certain agencies that they’ll provide ash for free, but the plant will cover the cost of transporting it.
    • Projects within 300 kilometers of these plants must use ash-based materials for construction, but they can’t cost more than the set rates by government departments.
    • Authorities need to create rules for using ash products in building codes.
  2. Notification Process:
    • Power plant owners must notify people or agencies who have to use ash, offering it for free and covering transport costs. They also need to inform the Pollution Control Board.
    • Manufacturers of ash-based products must notify those who have to use these products, letting them know they’re available for sale. They also need to inform the Pollution Control Board.
  3. Support for Small Businesses:
    • Power plants using ash must set aside some for small businesses making ash-based products. These products can be sold at lower prices or through limited auctions, following government guidelines.

Updated ash usage rules: A Breakdown of Changes for Power Plants and Construction Projects

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