SMPV- Static & Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) (Amendment) Rules, 2021

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued the Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) (Amendment) Rules, 2021 (SMPV Rules) under Explosives Act 1884. As per amendments to the legal provisions are:

  1. New definitions are added including competent person, ISO tank container, third party inspection agency.
  2. District authority will grant no objection certificate or convey his refusal for granting no objection certificate with reasons in writing to the applicants within two months.
  3. Licence granted under these rules is lost or accidentally destroyed, system generated copy may be downloaded by the licensee from online portal of Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization (PESO).
  4. Concept of ‘third-party inspection agency’ has been introduced to carry out the work related to certification, testing, inspection and safety audit of the licensed premises.
  5. Transportation of cryogenic compressed gases such as oxygen, argon, nitrogen, LNG etc. through ISO containers in domestic areas is now allowed.
  6.  Requirements for maintaining records have been revised under Form- AS-2B, LS-2A and LS-2B

Applicable – All users handling unfired pressure vessels.

Download Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (SMPV) (Unfired) (Amendment) Rules, 2021.

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