Ammonium Nitrate (Amendment) Rules, 2021

Ministry of Commerce and Industry has released the Ammonium Nitrate (Amendment) Rules under the Explosives Act 1884. As per amendments, the legal provisions are:

  1. Exclusion from regulation for stevedores (agency handling loading / unloading of on ship).
  2. Ammonium nitrate received at ports to be transferred to storage houses 500 metres beyond the port area.
  3. The capacity for storage of Ammonium Nitrate in small storehouses has been enhanced.
  4. Auction of seized lots of ammonium nitrate to ensure safe and speedy disposal.
  5. Ammonium Nitrate be imported in bagged form only.
  6. Provision for adequate firefighting facilities in storage and handling areas.
  7. Improvement of flooring in storage & handling area to avoid accumulation of ammonium nitrate in pits or pockets.
  8. The transfer of ammonium nitrate from one location to another of the same licensee has been permitted. 
  9. The time for disposal of the application for seeking NOC has been reduced from six months to three months. 
  10. Inspection of licensed premises to be inspected once in every six months by the Executive Magistrates or Police Officers assigned in that area.
  11. The need for submitting applications and fees to obtain a duplicate license has been eliminated.
  12. Drivers involved in transport of ammonium nitrate have to maintain records of importers for traceability.
  13. Background of drivers involved in transport on ammonium nitrate to be checked at least once in 5 years.

Dated: 31.08.2021

Applicable – All users handling ammonium nitrate.

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