Notification on Fly Ash utilization from coal and lignite based power plants

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MOFCC releases a notification under the Environment Protection Rules,1986 regarding the fly as in the manufacturing of building materials and construction activity within a specified radius of 300 km from the coal & lignite-based thermal power plant. As per legal amendments:

  1. Thermal power plant shall be primarily responsible to ensure hundred percent utilisation of fly ash and bottom ash generated. the ash shall be utilised only for eco friendly purposes like making bricks, blocks, tiles, cement sheets, pipes boards, construction of roads etc.
  2. Responsibility of thermal power plants to dispose fly and bottom ash in an environmentally sound manner.
  3. Constitution of a committee under the chairmanship of Central Pollution Control Board to examine and review and recommend the eco-friendly ways of utilisation of fly ash.
  4. Every coal and lignite based thermal power plant shall be responsible to utilise hundred percent fly ash generated during the year however it cannot fall below 80% in any year and thermal power plant will receive average as utilisation of hundred percent in a three years cycle.
  5. In case of a new thermal power plant they may be permitted and emergency or temporary Ash pond within an area of 0.1 hectare per megawatt and its technical specifications would be provided by CPCB and Central Electricity Authority.
  6. Every coal or lignite Best thermal power plant shall install dedicated silos for storage of dry fly ash for at least 16 hours based on installed capacity and it shall be reported upon the concerned SPCB or PCC.
  7. In case of non-compliance in utilisation of fly ash by any coal or lignite based thermal power plants an environmental compensation to be imposed.
  8. The Central Pollution Control Board other concerned state pollution control board shall be monitoring the disposal and utilisation of fly ash with regular audits and report review.

Date of Release – 31.12.2021

Applicable – Coal & lignite-based thermal power plants

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