Industrial citing criteria modified by MoEFCC

Industrial citing criteria modified by MoEFCC. The body has released an office memorandum on guidelines regarding siting industries that are in close proximity of a riverine ecosystem. According to the memorandum:

  1. Industries to be established at least half a kilometre from floodplain or modified floodplain affected by dam in the upstream or by flood control systems.
  2. According to the NGT considering restoration measures it is necessary to call upon the authorities to demarcate the floodplain for the flood of once in 25 years and to prohibit any kind of development activity in the floodplain area.
  3. Until the demarcation of the floodplains and identification of permissible and non-permissible activities by state government, hundred metres from the edge of the river would be treated as no development or construction zone.
  4. Based on this it was decided that industry shall not be located within the river flood plain corresponding to one- and 25-years flood certified by concerned District Magistrate or Executive Engineer from state water resource department or any other officer authorised by the state government for this purpose.
  5. Activities under ‘Namami Gange’ like construction, development or renovation of STPs or CETPs, bathing ghats, crematories, toilets etc for pollution abatement of river Ganga and its tributaries are not prohibited.
  6. River Ganga Rejuvenation Protection and Management Authorities order notified wide notification number S.O. 3187 (E) dated 07 1020 2016 will prevail over any other guideline.
  7. In case of activities in flood plain of the river Ganga and its tributaries prior approval of National Mission on Clean Ganga is required to be taken by the concerned authorities.
  8. As per the Central Water Commission a floodplain zoning authority shall on the basis of the remote sensing & ground survey established floodplains of different frequencies. after its creation guidelines of Flood Plain Zoning Authority will prevail over above guideline.

Date of Release – 14.02.2022

Applicable – All Industries located in the proximity of a riverine system

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