If you are Plastic Waste Processor, this requirement you have to fulfill!

Central Pollution Control Board has been given a direction for Plastic Waste Processor under section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to SPCBs/PCCs regarding timely completion of physical verification of Plastic Waste Processors registered on the centralized EPR portal for plastic Packaging.

as per section 6.1(a) of the above Guidelines, “The following entities shall register on the centralized portal developed by Central Pollution Control Board namely: (i) Producer (P); (ii) Importer (1); (iii) Brand owner (BO); (iv) Plastic Waste Processor (PWP) engaged in (a) recycling, (b) waste to energy, (c) waste to oil, and (iv) industrial composting” and as per Section 11.1 of the notified EPR Guidelines, “All plastic waste processors shall have to register with concerned State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee in accordance with provision 13(3) of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 on the centralized portal developed by Central Pollution Control Board. Central Pollution Control Board shall lay down uniform procedure for registration within three months of the publication of these guidelines”.

CPCB developed the Centralized EPR Portal for Plastic packaging and prepared the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Registration of PWPs. As per the SOP developed by CPCB, physical verification of the registered PWP is to be completed by SPCB/PCC within 30 days of grant of Registration. The PWP shall be able to issue EPR certificates to PIBOS post completion of physical verification and approval of by the SPCB/PCC.

As per section 11.2 of the EPR Guidelines, The Plastic waste processors shall submit annual returns after end of every financial year by 30th April of the next financial year on the quantity of plastic waste processed category-wise as per prescribed pro format on the centralized portal developed by Central Pollution Control Board. In view of above, timely completion of Physical Verification is essential to give adequate time to the PWPS to generate certificates and transfer the same to registered PIBOS enabling them to fulfil their EPR obligations. This is also required to ensure that the PWPS & PIBOS file the Annual Returns as per the stipulated timelines in the EPR Guidelines.

Download – Direction to SPCBs/ PCCs for physical verification of Plastic Waste Processor

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