Is Plastic Waste Management Rules applicable on imported goods?

The office of the PR. Commissioner of Customs Maharashtra has been released standing order for clarification about applicability of Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016, as amended from time to time, on imported goods-reg. In this order definitions of importer, applicability of this rules, etc. is defined as per PWM rules. Some of definitions and requirements are listed below.

“Importer” means a person who imports plastic packaging product or products with plastic packaging or carry bags or multilayered packaging or plastic sheets or like;

As per rule (6.1) (a) The following entities shall register on the centralized portal developed by Central Pollution Control Board namely: –

  • Importer (I)
  • Brand owner (BO)
  • Plastic Waste Processor engaged in (a) recycling, (b) waste to energy, (c) waste to oil
  • industrial composting

The listed entities shall not carry any business without registration obtained through online centralized portal developed by Central Pollution Control Board.

It thus, emerges that besides the importers of plastic packaging, the importers of various items such as primary products, chemicals, machinery, textiles, articles etc. which are not plastic packaging but are coming packed in plastic packaging are also required to take said EPR registration.

For more applicable requirements, download full notification from below given link.

Download – Clarification of Plastic Waste Management Rules.

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