Gas Cylinders (Amendment) Rules, 2022

Ministry of Commerce and Industry has released a notification on Gas Cylinders (Amendment) Rules 2022 on 20.01.2022. Whereas the draft of certain rules further to amend the Gas Cylinder Rules, 2016 was published in the Gazette of India.

The Gas Cylinders Rules were first published in 1940 after Govt. of India Notification No. M-1272 (1), dated 28th September, 1938 declaring any gas when contained in any metal container in a compressed or liquefied state to be an explosive within the meaning of Explosives Act, 1884.

As per this amendment; All the high pressure cylinders and Cryogenic containers used for filling of Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable Gases and Liquids shall have permanent and tamper proof marking in form of Bar Code or RFID or QR code or any means of electronic identification number at conspicuous place on cylinders and containers.

Date of Release: 20.01.2022

Applicable – Cylinder Manufacturers

Download – Gas Cylinders (Amendment) Rules, 2022

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