Draft Building Construction Environment Management Regulations 2022

Draft Building Construction Environment Management Regulations 2022. MoEFCC issues a draft notification named Draft Building Construction Environment Management Regulations 2022. The regulations will be applicable for projects which involve construction of buildings, projects which have an area of more than 5000 sq mts as well as expansion or repair projects of pre-existing buildings.

These rules do not substitute any king of consents or approvals based on previous acts, rules or amendments.

The project authority has to make sure about the compliance of the following environmental norms and regulations during the construction as well as operational phase of the construction project:

  1. Topography & Natural Drainage
  2. Water conservation methods by adopting rainwater harvesting as well as groundwater recharge methods
  3. Proper management of sewage/wastewater
  4. Reuse and recycle treated wastewater by adopting a dual plumbing system
  5. Ensuring a proper solid waste management system
  6. Ensuring a green cover
  7. Management of dust/air and noise pollution during the construction phase of the project
  8. Power supply & Usage of DG sets
  9. Issuance of occupancy or possession certificate or handing over possession, etc.

The project proponent shall submit performance data and a certificate of compliance of the project for the environmental regulations and the parameters applicable, every year during the period of construction and every two years during the operational phase (5 years in case the building has been certified as a Green building ) to the government.

Date of Release – 25.02.2022

Applicable – Construction projects with more than 5000 sq mt area

Download – Building Construction Env Manage Regulation 2022

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