Cleaner Skies Ahead: DG Set Regulations in NCR

The Commission for Air Quality Management took a significant step on June 28, 2023, by releasing a crucial notification that addressed the regulations pertaining to the use of DG Set Regulations in NCR. The notification aimed to address the pressing issue of air quality and pollution, a concern that has been on the rise due to various factors, including emissions from DG sets.

Essential Actions

In this effort to combat air pollution, the Commission made it clear that certain actions were not just desirable but essential. Firstly, they emphasized the importance of converting DG sets to dual fuel mode. This conversion would allow the generators to operate on alternative and cleaner fuels, reducing their environmental impact. Additionally, the Commission stressed the need for retrofitting ECCIs (Emission Control and Combustion Improvement Devices) to further curb emissions from these sets.

Comprehensive Scope

The scope of this directive was comprehensive, encompassing all sectors using DG Set Regulations in NCR. This included industrial areas, commercial zones, residential neighborhoods, and office establishments, among others. The goal was clear: to improve air quality across all aspects of life in the NCR.

To ensure accountability and expedite the process, the Commission set a firm deadline for these actions. By September 30, 2023, all sectors within the NCR were expected to have completed the conversion to dual fuel mode and the installation of ECCIs. This deadline emphasized the urgency of the situation and the Commission’s commitment to improving air quality as swiftly as possible.

In summary, the Commission for Air Quality Management’s notification, issued on June 28, 2023, underscored the critical need for immediate action to mitigate air pollution in the NCR. Their directive targeted the conversion of DG sets to dual fuel mode and the installation of ECCIs across all sectors, setting a deadline of September 30, 2023, to ensure compliance and progress toward cleaner air for the region.

Download – Air quality commission issues DG set rules for NCR.

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