Relaxing Charges on Groundwater Abstraction


In recent discussions surrounding groundwater abstraction, the issue of relaxing charges has taken center stage, prompting a critical reevaluation by the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). The imposition of hefty Environmental Compensation (EC) charges, particularly on existing projects applying late for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) or renewal, has raised concerns among project proponents, particularly those in the MSME category.

Acknowledging the delicate balance between fostering business growth and preserving environmental integrity, the CGWA has announced measures to provide relief. These measures aim to incentivize more projects to seek NOCs from the CGWA, thereby aligning with groundwater regulation requirements.

A key aspect of this decision is the provision of relief in Environmental Compensation for existing projects facing delays in obtaining proper NOCs. By offering a grace period for late submissions or renewals, the CGWA aims to ease the financial burden on project proponents, especially those with limited resources.

Furthermore, the decision extends relief to industries engaged in saline groundwater extraction, recognizing the diverse challenges faced in different regions. This approach underscores the CGWA’s commitment to addressing specific industry needs while ensuring responsible groundwater management practices.

Additionally, the decision to waive charges for changes in Log-in IDs reflects a commitment to streamlining administrative processes and reducing bureaucratic obstacles for stakeholders.

It’s imperative to emphasize that while these measures aim to facilitate business activities, they do not compromise on environmental sustainability. The CGWA emphasizes the temporary nature of these relaxations, ensuring they remain in line with long-term goals of groundwater conservation.


The decision to relax charges on groundwater abstraction signifies a step towards fostering sustainable development. By striking a balance between economic interests and environmental responsibility, the CGWA’s measures contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of our nation.

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