Registration for PIBOs & PWPs on EPR Portal


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has extended the deadline for registration on the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Portal for Plastic Packaging. Originally, all Producers, Importers, and Brand-Owners (PIBOs), as well as Plastic Waste Processors (PWPs), needed to complete their registration by March 31, 2024. However, the portal’s security features are undergoing updates, prompting the new deadline to be moved to May 31, 2024.

Key Points:

1. Extended Deadline: The EPR Portal was being updated from March 18 to April 24, 2024, to enhance security. As a result, PIBOs and PWPs now have until May 31, 2024, to submit their complete registration applications.

2. Action Required: Several stakeholders, including State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs), Pollution Control Committees (PCCs), PIBOs, and PWPs, must take the following actions:

– SPCBs/PCCs: Grant or renew Consent to Operate for Producers/PWPs only after they register on the EPR Portal. Include the registration number in the Consent documents.

– Producers, Importers, and Recyclers: Do not sell plastic packaging or recycled plastic to Brand-owners (excluding MSMEs) who have not registered on the EPR Portal. Include the Brand-owners’ registration number in GST E-invoices for such transactions.

3. Compliance Reminder: The EPR Guidelines, notified on February 16, 2022, made the rules effective immediately. Therefore, PIBOs and PWPs must register on the EPR Portal according to Clause 6.0 of these guidelines. Delaying registration does not exempt PIBOs from fulfilling their EPR obligations for the prior period.


This extension provides PIBOs and PWPs additional time to comply with the registration requirements on the EPR Portal for Plastic Packaging. Ensuring timely registration is crucial for meeting regulatory obligations and contributing to effective plastic waste management.

Download: Registration for PIBOs & PWPs on EPR Portal

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