Plastic Waste Management (Second Amendment) Rules, 2021

MOEFCC has released Plastic Waste Management (Second Amendment) Rules, 2021. As per the revised amended legal provision:

Recently, the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change vide notification dated 12th August 2021,  The amendment basically aims to prohibit identified single-use plastic items, having low utility and high littering potentials, by the year 2022.

(1) The carry bags or other products made from recycled plastic can be used for

  • storing
  • carrying
  • dispensing,
  • packaging
  • ready to eat drink stuff

subject to compliance with standards and regulations released by FSSAI

This is a big step towards efficient waste management and increasing the use of recycled plastic packaging. 

Plastic packaging is valuable and should be recycled where possible. Recycling as many packaging materials as possible can further enhance its sustainability. More and more everyday plastics should be recycled

Date of Release – 17.09.2021

Applicable – Plastic waste recyclers and plastic products producers.

Download Plastic Waste Management (Second Amendment) Rules, 2021 (17.09.2021)

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