Nonferrous-metal reprocessors Maharashtra 2021

Authorized nonferrous-metal reprocessors Maharashtra 2021, the list has been updated by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. You may download the list from the below link.

Non-ferrous metals or alloys is defined as are materials that are not iron-based like their ferrous counterparts. The difference between ferrous alloys and non-ferrous alloys is ferrous metals contain iron making most of their metals a magnetic property. Non-ferrous metals are found in the Earth as chemical compounds.

Oftentimes, they are found in all sorts of liquid and solid mixtures from which they need to be extracted and purified before further use.  Methods used today for non-ferrous metal recycling are electrowinning, precipitation.
1. Electrowinning: A process of whereby metals, such as gold, silver and copper,are recovered from a solution by means of electrolytic chemical reaction. 
2.Precipitation: strengthening mechanism of nonferrous alloys.
The non-ferrous metal recycling process begins by gathering bulky non-ferrous metals, such as clippings from industrial manufacturing process, aluminum beverage cans, and obsolete scrap, and baling these materials into various sized blocks of bales.
Non-ferrous metals are known to have a higher price on the market compared to ferrous metals. And if they are not separated during the recycling process, their overall value might decrease significantly.

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