List of Certified Water Auditors – First Batch’2023

Certified Water Auditors have been updated by the central groundwater authority.

These professionals shall be entrusted with the responsibility of conducting water audits of industries drawing more than 100 KLD of ground water once in two years.You may download the list from the below link.  

A water audit is a study of the water use of an entity. It starts at the point where water enters the premises and goes up to the point where the waste water is discharged, critically examining all aspects of use. The audit establishes the quantity/volume of water being used, wastage if any, leakages existing, excess use etc., and identifies areas where consumption can be reduced. It critically examines existing treatment systems and practices and recommends changes to improve efficiency and reduce usage. Based on this detailed study and observations, an audit gives recommendations on how to reduce wastage as well as consumption of water, improvements in treatment practices and methods along with cost benefit analyses. It also recommends the setting up of a system to maintain a record of the amount of water entering a system and to keep track of how this water is distributed and used.

Download link – List of Certified Water Auditors- First Batch’2023

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