List of Certified Water Auditors – First Batch’2023

Certified Water Auditors Update:

The central groundwater authority has recently updated the list of Certified Water Auditors. These professionals are now responsible for conducting water audits of industries that draw more than 100 KLD of groundwater once every two years. You can download the updated list from the link provided below.

Understanding Water Audits:

A water audit is a comprehensive study of an entity’s water usage. It begins at the point where water enters the premises and extends to the point where wastewater is discharged. During this process, it critically examines all aspects of water use, including quantity, wastage, leakages, and excess consumption.

Key Aspects of Water Audits:

In the course of the audit, it establishes the volume of water being used and identifies any wastage or excess use. It critically examines the existing treatment systems and practices, aiming to recommend changes that enhance efficiency and reduce overall water usage. Based on this thorough examination, the audit provides valuable recommendations for waste reduction, improved treatment methods, and cost-benefit analyses.

Enhancing Water Management:

The audit’s recommendations often include setting up a system to maintain records of water inflow and distribution. This system ensures that the amount of water entering a facility is accurately tracked, along with how it is distributed and utilized.

By entrusting Certified Water Auditors with this responsibility, the central groundwater authority aims to improve water management and conservation efforts in industries. These audits serve as a valuable tool for enhancing efficiency and reducing wastage in water consumption within industrial settings.

Download link – List of Certified Water Auditors- First Batch’2023

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