List of Waste Recyclers in Gujarat: 2024


Gujarat’s effective waste management system is crucial, particularly due to its leadership in India’s industrial sector. As industrial activity grows, there’s a responsibility to handle hazardous waste carefully. The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) has implemented significant measures under the Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016 to ensure safe and sustainable waste management practices. They have also launched important programs and authorized various entities to responsibly manage hazardous waste. For those interested, the GPCB provides the latest information on waste recyclers in Gujarat, including the updated list of waste recyclers.

1. Lead Recycling Initiatives

Lead, a toxic yet valuable metal, requires careful handling and recycling. The GPCB has authorized several actual users who specialize in lead recycling. Consequently, these authorized entities ensure that this hazardous material is repurposed safely and efficiently. This process reduces environmental contamination. Furthermore, it supports the circular economy by reintroducing recycled lead into the production cycle.

2. Used Oil and Waste Oil Management

Improper disposal of used oil can lead to severe environmental damage. Therefore, the GPCB has identified and authorized facilities dedicated to the recycling of used and waste oil. By converting waste oil back into usable products, these authorized users not only help mitigate pollution but also conserve resources. Moreover, this process contributes significantly to environmental sustainability by ensuring that valuable materials are reused rather than wasted.

3. Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Disposal

The GPCB maintains a detailed list of actual users authorized for the disposal and treatment of various hazardous wastes under the 2016 rules. Additionally, these facilities follow stringent protocols to manage and neutralize hazardous substances, thereby protecting human health and the environment.

4. E-Waste Dismantling and Recycling

Electronic waste is a significant problem because it contains toxic chemicals; moreover, these chemicals pose serious risks to both human health and the environment. To deal with this issue, the GPCB approves a group of companies that recycle and break down old electronics. These companies take apart the electronics and recycle them. This process stops dangerous chemicals from getting into the environment and lets us reuse valuable materials. Consequently, it’s a methodical way to ensure that harmful substances are handled safely and encourages the use of eco-friendly methods to manage waste.


These initiatives highlight Gujarat’s strong commitment to waste management. The GPCB carefully authorizes users and facilities to handle hazardous materials responsibly, ensuring efficient recycling and safe disposal. This approach safeguards the environment and fosters sustainable industrial practices across the state. Additionally, these efforts significantly contribute to environmental protection and promote eco-friendly manufacturing practices statewide. For more details, check out the latest list of waste recyclers in Gujarat.

Download the list: March 2024

  1. Actual users for Lead Recycling
  2. Actual users for Used Oil & Waste Oil
  3. Actual users for Metal Recycling
  4. Actual users for Drum Decontamination
  5. Actual users for Spent Solvent Recycling
  6. Actual users for Other
  7. E-Waste Dismantlers Recyclers

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