Noise Pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules

Noise is unwanted sound.  Ambient noise is all encompassing noise associated with any given environment and is usually a composite of sounds from many sources near and far.  Any abnormal sound which irritates human being is called as noise pollution. Noise is one of the undesirable products of technological civilization.  Admits this civilization, wherever we go, noise surrounds us.  The roar of traffic, the passage of trains and aero planes, the bustle of crowds and the working of industry and the public utilities deafens our ears.  Even home is invaded by noise.  The noise from whatever source it comes from is undoubtedly, physiologically as well as psychologically harmful.  Invading environment in dangerous proportions, it is an invisible but insidious form of pollutant Noise as a potentially harmful pollutant is being  recognized as a great nuisance these days affecting the quality of life, particularly, in urban areas.
The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, under Sec. 6 has mentioned “Rules to regulate environmental pollution”.  This section has explained the maximum allowable limits of concentrations of various environmental pollutants (including noise) for different areas.