Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules

Bio Medical Waste Rules comprises human & animal anatomical waste, treatment apparatus like needles, syringes and other materials used in health care facilities in the process of treatment and research. This waste is generated during diagnosis, treatment or immunization in hospitals, nursing homes, pathological laboratories, blood banks, etc. Total bio-medical waste generation in the country is 484 TPD from 1,68,869 healthcare facilities (HCF), out of which 447 TPD is treated. Scientific disposal of Biomedical Waste through segregation, collection and treatment in an environmentally sound manner minimizes the adverse impact on health workers and on the environment. The hospitals are required to put in place the mechanisms for effective disposal either directly or through common biomedical waste treatment and disposal facilities. The hospitals servicing 1000 patients or more per month are required to obtain authorization and segregate biomedical waste in to 10 categories, pack five colour backs for disposal.