High-Pressure Gas Cylinder Imports: PESO’s Notification

PEO Notification

The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, had initially provided exemptions for high-pressure gas cylinder imports. These exemptions were granted with a validity period extending until June 30, 2022. However, as of that date, these special provisions are no longer applicable.

Subsequent to the expiration of the exemptions, PESO has transitioned its approach regarding the importation of Gas Cylinders. The organization is now actively reviewing and evaluating all applications received after the specified cut-off date for the import of these cylinders. These applications are undergoing thorough scrutiny and consideration to determine eligibility for the issuance of import licenses.

It’s important to note that this evaluation process aligns meticulously with the regulatory framework outlined in the Gas Cylinders Rules of 2016. PESO is adhering strictly to these established guidelines in its assessment of the applications for import licenses. This ensures compliance with safety measures and industry standards, guaranteeing the safe handling and usage of these high-pressure gas cylinders.

Applicable Datae

The shift in approach signifies a return to standard regulatory procedures following the cessation of the pandemic-induced exemptions. As a result, applicants seeking to import Gas Cylinders post-June 30, 2022, are required to adhere to the established protocols and meet the specified criteria outlined in the Gas Cylinders Rules of 2016. PESO’s commitment to upholding safety standards in the importation and handling of high-pressure gas cylinders remains unwavering.

The organization’s thorough evaluation process aims to ensure that all imported cylinders comply with the prescribed regulations, thereby maintaining safety and security within the industry. Stakeholders involved in high-pressure gas cylinder imports or utilization are urged to remain updated on these regulatory changes to ensure full compliance with PESO’s guidelines and regulations. 

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