Fire Safety Regulations in Gujarat: New Amendment


The Gujarat Government Gazette, dated June 24, 2024, features significant amendments to the Gujarat Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Regulations, 2023. The Urban Development and Urban Housing Department enacted these amendments to enhance fire safety protocols within the state. The changes, effective immediately, introduce new sub-regulations under Section 6 and Section 7.

Key additions to the regulations include:

1. Registration of Fire Safety Officers (FSOs):
FSOs must now register with the Regional or Chief Fire Officer in their designated area of work. If they work in multiple areas, they must register with each relevant Regional or Chief Fire Officer. Authorities will maintain records of all registered FSOs and convene quarterly meetings to assess situations, provide guidance, and ensure compliance with fire safety measures.

2. Inspection and Certification:
FSOs must upload inspection findings for renewal of fire safety certificates on the designated website for review. Verification and approval by the Regional or Chief Fire Officer are mandatory before issuing renewal certificates. FSOs can reject certificate renewals if compliance is not met, following verification and approval from the relevant officers.

3. Non-Compliance Handling:
A formal process for rejecting fire safety certificate renewals has been outlined. This includes detailed documentation of observed non-compliances and instructions for the applicant to resolve these issues with the Regional Fire Officer.


These amendments underscore the Gujarat Government’s commitment to rigorous fire safety standards, aiming to protect public safety and ensure strict adherence to Fire Safety Regulations in Gujarat. The proactive measures, such as regular updates and stringent inspection processes, reflect a robust framework designed to mitigate fire hazards across urban developments in Gujarat.

Download: Gujarat’s Fire Safety Regulations: New Amendment

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