EPR Portal Updates 2024: Battery Waste Management


In May 2024, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) introduced significant updates to the EPR Portal for Battery Waste Management, addressing requests from producers and recyclers. These updates aim to improve data accuracy and user management.

Edit Sales Data Functionality

Producers can now correct sales data submitted during registration. This feature is crucial for ensuring accurate compliance with EPR targets. To use this functionality, producers must:

1. Log into their EPR Portal account.

2. Navigate to the edit application section.

3. Update the sales data and upload supporting documents, such as self-declarations and annual returns.

4. Submit the edited application, which requires OTP verification.

Once submitted, CPCB will review and approve the changes, impacting the EPR targets accordingly.

Updating Authorized Person Details on EPR Portal

This feature allows producers and recyclers to update the details of their authorized representatives on the Battery Recycling EPR Platform. The steps include:

1. Logging into the EPR Portal.

2. Accessing the profile section and initiating an update request.

3. Editing necessary fields and verifying the changes through OTP.

4. Submitting the request with a supporting document on the company letterhead.

The update request is processed by CPCB or the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB), and upon approval, the changes are reflected in the user’s account.

Unblocking User Accounts

For users with blocked accounts on the Waste Management EPR System, the unblocking process involves:

1. Sending an email to CPCB from the registered email ID.

2. Attaching a letter on the company’s letterhead, signed by the authorized person, and a copy of the company ID card.

CPCB processes the request and notifies the user via email once the account is unblocked.


These enhancements streamline the EPR compliance process for battery waste management, ensuring better data integrity and user management on the EPR Portal. They reflect CPCB’s commitment to supporting producers and recyclers in maintaining accurate and up-to-date information. By facilitating these updates, CPCB enhances overall regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship with the latest EPR Portal updates in 2024.

Download: EPR Portal Updates 2024: Battery Waste Management

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