EPR Credits: Battery Waste Producers


The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change introduced the Battery Waste Management Rules 2022, emphasizing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for battery producers. These rules mandate producers to oversee the lifecycle of batteries, ensuring they recycle or refurbish them properly. EPR Credits: Battery producers are now responsible for the end-of-life management of batteries, incentivizing proper disposal and reducing environmental impact. These regulations aim to promote sustainability and minimize hazardous waste. Battery producers must maintain records of EPR credits earned through recycling efforts, enhancing accountability and transparency in waste management practices.

Understanding EPR Obligations

According to Schedule II (v) of the rules, producers fulfill their EPR obligations by obtaining Extended Producer Responsibility certificates from registered waste battery recyclers. These certificates validate that batteries undergo responsible recycling or refurbishment, thereby meeting regulatory requirements.

Engagement with Recyclers

Producers must engage directly with registered waste battery recyclers listed on the National Dashboard to comply with these rules. They must procure EPR certificates through the Online EPR portal dedicated to Battery Waste Management to fulfill recycling or refurbishing obligations as prescribed by law.

Current Compliance Status

Recent observations highlight a gap between recyclers generating 197,890.38 tonnes of EPR credits and producers utilizing only 27,580.52 tonnes. This underscores the urgency for producers to promptly procure EPR credits to meet compliance targets.

Call to Action

Battery producers must buy EPR credits from recyclers to meet targets, ensuring compliance and supporting sustainable waste management practices.


Producers manage battery waste responsibly through EPR compliance, purchasing credits from recyclers to support environmental sustainability and regulatory goals.

Download: EPR Credits in Battery Waste Management

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