Environment compensation cost applicable to thermal power plant

MOEFCC has released Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules 2021 which defines environment compensation cost applicable to Thermal Power Plant. Rules define the constitution of a task force to determine the compliance status of various thermal power plants in India. In case environmental norms are not met by thermal power plants, the thermal power plants to pay environment compensation cost as per rates defined in the rules.

the thermal power plant declared to retire before the date as specified in column (5) of Table-I shall not be
required to meet the specified norms in case such plants submit an undertaking to CPCB and CEA for exemption on
ground of retirement of such plant:
Provided that such plants shall be levied environment compensation at the rate of rupees 0.20 per unit electricity
generated in case their operation is continued beyond the date as specified in the Undertaking;

Date of Release – 31.03.2021

Applicable – Thermal Power Plant including Captive Thermal Power Plant

Download Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules 2021 (31.03.2021)

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