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On January 29, 2024, the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change released a crucial announcement aimed at strengthening accountability in E-Waste Management and advancing environmental protection. This directive, issued by the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2022, brings forth implications for registered recyclers across the country regarding the issuance and adherence to EPR Certificates for Recyclers.

Understanding the Notice:

The notice unequivocally communicates the Ministry’s stance regarding EPR obligations and the consequences of non-compliance. Key points highlighted in the notice include:

1. Prohibition on Representation: The notice clarifies that any representations from Producers seeking reduction in their EPR obligation or extension of the timeline for fulfillment of EPR obligations will not be entertained if unutilized EPR Certificates remain available on the E-Waste EPR Portal.

2. Enforcement Measures: It underscores the Ministry’s commitment to enforcing the rules rigorously by initiating necessary actions against non-complying entities. This indicates a firm stance on ensuring accountability and adherence to regulatory mandates.

Implications and Significance:

This notice holds significant implications for Producers operating under the E-Waste (Management) Rules for EPR Certificates for Recyclers, By disallowing requests for reduction in EPR obligations or extension of timelines in the presence of unutilized EPR Certificates, the Ministry aims to prevent any attempts to circumvent or delay compliance. This approach underscores the importance of proactive and responsible management of e-waste, considering its environmental and health implications.

Furthermore, the notice sends a strong message to stakeholders about the government’s commitment to effectively implementing e-waste management regulations. By prioritizing enforcement and accountability, the Ministry seeks to create a conducive environment for sustainable e-waste management practices.

Call to Action:

Compliance with EPR obligations, as delineated in the notice, is crucial for producers and other stakeholders within the e-waste management ecosystem. Acquiring EPR Certificates of E-Waste Management not only ensures adherence to legal mandates but also plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the environment and public health. Implementing proactive strategies like streamlined recycling processes, appropriate disposal methods, and reducing e-waste generation are indispensable for mitigating the detrimental impacts of electronic waste on both the environment and society.


The recent notice from the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change underscores the government’s commitment to robust e-waste management practices. By emphasizing the importance of fulfilling EPR obligations and warning against non-compliance, the notice aims to foster a culture of accountability and responsibility among Producers. As stakeholders navigate the evolving landscape of e-waste management, adherence to regulatory mandates and proactive environmental stewardship will be essential for building a sustainable future.

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