Do you know for what E-Manifest is mandatory now?

Gujarat Pollution Control Board has made E-Manifest mandatory for all industries who generates hazardous waste.

The Hazardous Waste Manifest form is a chain-of-custody form used to track the generation, transportation and receipt of hazardous waste.

The Manifest form includes information on the Generator, Transporter and Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF), the hazardous waste type, hazardous waste quantity, and how it will be managed. Using this form ensures proper hazardous waste disposal.

The manifest form is made of six attached sheets, an original top sheet and five copies beneath. All sheets have the same pre-printed Manifest Tracking Number in the upper right-hand corner. This allows for sheet tracking in electronic data systems. One unique Manifest Tracking Number is associated with one waste shipment. The six sheets are marked for distribution as follows:

  • Sheet 1: Designated Facility to Destination State
  • Sheet 2: Designated Facility to Generator State
  • Sheet 3: Designated Facility to Generator
  • Sheet 4: Designated Facility’s Copy
  • Sheet 5: Transporter’s Copy
  • Sheet 6: Generator’s Initial Copy

Gujarat Pollution Control Board has released the notification regarding e-Manifest system for effluent disposal to Common MEE / Spray Dryer Facilities. So, for now onwards all effluent generators who dispose their effluent to common MEE/ Spray Dryer Facilities has to fill e-Manifest during disposal of effluent. There are more other requirements also listed in this notification. To know more requirements click on below given link.

DownloadGPCB notification on e-Manifest for common effluent discharge

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