CPCB extended the deadline for feedback on classification of industrial sectors report

Deadline Extension for Draft Report

CPCB extended the deadline for submitting comments/suggestions on the draft report titled “Classification of Industrial Sectors into Red, Orange, Green, and White Categories: A Tool for Progressive Environmental Management” from August 31, 2023, to September 30, 2023.

  • In 1989, the Ministry of Environment and Forest introduced industry classification as red, orange, and green in Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, aiming to aid location decisions. This concept expanded nationwide for location, consent management, and surveillance/ inspection norms. In 2012, the CPCB listed 244 industrial sectors under these categories for uniformity. In 2016, CPCB developed a Pollution Index (PI) scoring method, categorizing 254 sectors into red, orange, green, and white, including “practically non-polluting industries.” This categorization aligns with the “Precautionary Principle” to prevent environmental harm, encouraging cleaner technologies and minimal pollution from industries.


  • Need and scope for revision of methodology.
  • Modified methodology for classification of industrial sectors.
    1. Scoring criteria for water polluting industries.
    2. Scoring criteria for air polluting industries.
    3. Scoring criteria for hazardous waste generating industries.
  • Computation of pollution index and criteria for deciding category of industrial sector
  • Sub-classification based on the measures for better environmental management.
  • Type of sectors based on their activities..
  • Usage of classification of industrial sectors.
  • Implementation of methodology for the classification of industrial sectors.

Download CPCB extended the deadline date for obtaining feedback on the classification of industrial sectors.

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