Central Motor Vehicles Rules: Emission Standards and Effective Dates

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, in its continuous effort to enhance road safety and reduce environmental impact, has recently introduced the Central Motor Vehicles (Twenty-second Amendment) Rules, 2021. These amendments mark a significant step forward in regulating vehicle Emission Standards and Effective Dates.

The first major amendment involves the measurement of emissions over the Non-Road Steady Cycle (NRSC) and Non-Road Transient Cycle (NRTC) test cycles, with a particular focus on ensuring that emissions remain within the prescribed limits. Additionally, these changes require the computation of composite weighted emissions in strict accordance with specified guidelines. By doing so, the authorities aim to establish a more robust framework for monitoring and controlling emissions from non-road vehicles, thereby contributing to improved air quality and reduced environmental pollution.

Furthermore, the second key amendment pertains to the revision of applicable emission limits for the Non-Road Steady Cycle (NRSC) and Non-Road Transient Cycle (NRTC) test cycles. These revised limits are set to take effect from April 1, 2022. This adjustment signifies the government’s commitment to keeping emissions in check and aligning with international standards for emission control. The implementation date provides a clear timeline for manufacturers and stakeholders to adapt to these changes, ensuring a smoother transition to the new Emission Standards and Effective Dates.

In conclusion, the Central Motor Vehicles (Twenty-second Amendment) Rules, 2021, reflect the Ministry’s dedication to environmental preservation and road safety. By setting stringent emission standards and providing a well-defined timeline for compliance, these amendments aim to create a cleaner and safer transportation ecosystem for the benefit of both the environment and the general public. It is crucial for all relevant stakeholders, including manufacturers and regulatory bodies, to familiarize themselves with these changes and work together to achieve a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation sector in India.

Download – The Central Motor Vehicles (Twenty-second Amendment) Rules, 2021

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