Advancing Battery Waste Management: Insights from the 2024 Amendment Rules


The Battery Waste Management (Amendment) Rules,2024 represent a significant stride in refining India’s approach to battery waste management. Published in the Official Gazette, these rules aim to enhance regulatory frameworks and ensure the effective implementation of extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations.

Setting the Stage:

The Battery Waste Management (Amendment) Rules redefine India’s landscape of battery waste management, prioritizing responsible disposal and recycling to mitigate environmental risks associated with hazardous materials. Key Amendments: In Rule 10, the Central Pollution Control Board is mandated to set the highest and lowest prices for Extended Producer Responsibility certificates. This measure incentivizes compliance with EPR obligations, ensuring that obligated entities fulfill their environmental responsibilities.

Enhanced Exchange Mechanisms:

Additionally, the Amendment Rules introduce an exchange mechanism for Extended Producer Responsibility certificates between registered entities. This facilitates collaboration and incentivizes participation in battery waste management efforts, fostering a more robust ecosystem.

Guidelines for Enforcement:

Under Rule 13, the Central Pollution Control Board is empowered to prepare and recommend guidelines for the imposition and collection of Environmental Compensation. This ensures swift and effective enforcement of regulations, with inputs from relevant stakeholders.

Collaborative Governance:

Importantly, the Amendment Rules emphasize collaborative governance, as the Central Pollution Control Board may consult the Committee for Implementation in preparing recommended guidelines. This approach ensures regulatory decisions are informed by diverse perspectives and expertise.


The Battery Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2024 herald a new era of responsible battery waste management in India. By introducing comprehensive amendments, incentivizing compliance, and fostering collaborative governance, these rules pave the way for a more sustainable approach to managing battery waste.

Download: Battery Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2024

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